My name is Femmy Priscillya. I am an independent designer in France and also a mother of 3 boys. During six years of working as an Architect in Singapore and Malaysia, I was actively involved in the design, technical coordination, and in the development of concepts to the project implementation phases. For four years I worked on the design development to the construction stage of Reflections at Keppel Bay, a luxury waterfront residential complex in Singapore, in close collaboration with the Studio Daniel Libeskind in New York.

I master English as the main working language, I also studied German for two years, and eventually I study and practice French daily since I moved to France at the end of 2009. Strongly passionate and curious about the artistic world, especially watercolor and design, I produce illustrations almost everyday and participating in various graphic design competitions to expand my skills and my portfolio. My children, the nature, the forest in the Jura and Alps mountains are my source of inspirations. 

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